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Synergy Hotel Consultants (“SHC”) is a hospitality consultancy based in Prague, Czech Republic that offers extensive and hands-on experience in the management, marketing and sales, design/project management, promotion and positioning/re-positioning of hotels throughout Central Europe (and elsewhere).  Each member of the SHC team is an expert in his or her specific field, with, first and foremost, a proven track record in the hotel and hospitality industry.

SHC was born out of the realization that there are many hotels in Central Europe which, due to the nature of the market, either:

  • Opened some time ago and are now in need of an upgrade or refurbishment
  • Are hindered by inefficient facilities which now require a re-think
  • Are relatively new but have entered a market that is extremely competitive and where there is a huge number of hotels and restaurants, all trying to get a slice of what is a relatively small cake, or
  • Are doing well, but need to make some sort of change in order to move from good to great 

The team at SHC realizes too that not every hotel owner or operator has the need and/or the budget to bring in, for example, a full-time marketing manager or a high-level sales trainer.    However, by working as individual consultants, or together with one or other of its colleagues, the SHC team is able to provide its clients with quick and high-value solutions that may require anything from a few hours’ consultancy to an ongoing and long-term appointment.   

The SHC team includes experts in the following fields:

  • Sales and Customer Service
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Design and Implementation
  • Trouble-shooting and Crisis Management
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hotel sales, purchases and feasibility studies