Hospitality in Crisis (V) – The Zuri Zanzibar

Despite most of us feeling as if there is nowhere in the world that isn’t suffering from the Covid Pandemic, and that no-one is feeling the pain more than those in the hospitality industry, there are, surprisingly, a few places and hotels that are relatively unaffected. One destination, in particular, is proving very popular atContinue reading “Hospitality in Crisis (V) – The Zuri Zanzibar”

Hospitality in Crisis (IV) – Jan Adamek, JAN Hospitality

Ever since its Velvet Revolution in 1989, the Czech Republic (or Czechoslovakia as it was then), and particularly Prague, has been a ‘must be’ place for most of the biggest hotel brands, and the number of major players has been increasing consistently for the last thirty years.  At the last count, there were nearly 50Continue reading “Hospitality in Crisis (IV) – Jan Adamek, JAN Hospitality”

Hospitality in Crisis (III)

PRAGUE CONGRESS CENTRE The Prague Congress Centre (‚PCC‘), or, as it was originally called, the ‚Palace of Culture‘, is one of the best-known large-scale congress venues in Europe.   Originally built in 1981 by the old regime, and used for huge ‚Communist party gatherings‘, once the country opened up, the building remained as an icon ofContinue reading “Hospitality in Crisis (III)”