Daytrip is a Czech travel startup that offers ride-hailing services through a network of 2,500 drivers in 70+ countries worldwide.

  • Built and coached a team of 4 senior sales reps
  • Formed closed partnerships with 2 corporations and 4 mid-sized travel business within first 12 months.


Daytrip had focused on developing its B2C offering by selling to tourists directly over its website. Within 2018 alone, using this method, Daytrip was able to sell more than 150,000 individual trips.


As the online marketing acquisition costs through Google Ads for even just one user were high, Daytrip started to see a limit to what was possible. The owners therefore decided that they have to figure out how to distribute their sales messages through other industry players.


The solution was to build an in-house sales team that would contact high profile organisations from the travel industry.  Through that, Daytrip could sell its offering of trips to more potential tourists and be seen by a much wider audience.


Within the first 12 months a team of 4 experienced sales-people had been recruited. They had little to no prior experience in the travel industry, which means that a sales process and pitch had to be designed and full sales training given. After the first 12 months revenue generated from business partnerships was 5% of overall revenue. Key accounts such as, were penetrated. A partnership with Frosch Travel Inc. (USD 2 billion revenue and one of the largest US travel businesses) was agreed through initial cold contacting and solely over the phone and email.