Invia is the CEE’s largest online travel agency with more than 3.5 million clients. It is a household name in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Hired by ROCKAWAY CAPITAL (owner) to set up the agency’s business development.


The clients saw great potential in Chinese inbound tourism to the Czech Republic. For that reason, a team of 5 people was formed. Over a period of one year, multiple trips to China had resulted in very little business. The client wanted to gather more information from the market, in order to assess whether there was true potential for Invia or not.


The team was not versed in business development tactics and strategy. After visiting trade shows and meeting new people, no follow-ups were being done. Before going to trade shows, no meetings were set up in advance. Potential cooperation opportunities were not evaluated in a systematic way. There was no outbound cold outreach.


An end-to-end sales process was designed and implemented within the China team based in Prague, that did not require any further monetary investment (business travel, software).

  1. Lead research process and training
  2. Opportunity creation process and training
  3. Extensive sales coaching


After 1 month, the client had conversations with 5 potential Chinese partners and sold multiple group packages. This all happened without travelling to China. No cost for a CRM system was incurred. Everything was implemented using available tools (MS Office package). Based on this, within one month the client had the necessary insights from the market that they did not have for one year.