• Hospitality in Crisis (V) – The Zuri Zanzibar
    Despite most of us feeling as if there is nowhere in the world that isn’t suffering from the Covid Pandemic, and that no-one is feeling the pain more than those in the hospitality industry, there are, surprisingly, a few places and hotels that are relatively unaffected. One destination, in particular, is proving very popular at the moment, and that is the African island of Zanzibar, where the wonderful Zuri Zanzibar resort can be found. I have been involved withContinue reading “Hospitality in Crisis (V) – The Zuri Zanzibar”
  • Hospitality in Crisis (IV) – Jan Adamek, JAN Hospitality
    Ever since its Velvet Revolution in 1989, the Czech Republic (or Czechoslovakia as it was then), and particularly Prague, has been a ‘must be’ place for most of the biggest hotel brands, and the number of major players has been increasing consistently for the last thirty years.  At the last count, there were nearly 50 ‘five star/five star luxury’ hotels in Prague alone, with more planned to open soon, whilst small hotels can be found on nearly every streetContinue reading “Hospitality in Crisis (IV) – Jan Adamek, JAN Hospitality”
  • Hospitality in Crisis (III)
    PRAGUE CONGRESS CENTRE The Prague Congress Centre (‚PCC‘), or, as it was originally called, the ‚Palace of Culture‘, is one of the best-known large-scale congress venues in Europe.   Originally built in 1981 by the old regime, and used for huge ‚Communist party gatherings‘, once the country opened up, the building remained as an icon of the bad old days, and was viewed with some distaste by the young Czechs that I knew when I first arrived in Czechoslovakia inContinue reading “Hospitality in Crisis (III)”
  • Hospitality in Crisis! (II)
    PRAGUE MARRIOTT HOTEL  I have had a very long relationship with the Marriott Hotel in Prague, from when it first opened and I kept my car in its carpark, to the many different client events that my agency organised in its conference centre or I attended, to some of the best Sunday brunches ever in its restaurant.   Years ago, when the hotel opened its ‘World Class fitness centre’ in the basement and my trainer took up residence, the hotelContinue reading “Hospitality in Crisis! (II)”
  • Hospitality in Crisis!
    With the Covid-19 pandemic causing havoc all over the world, and the hospitality industry and those associated with it being particularly hard hit, I thought I would talk to some of my favourite hotels and restaurants to see how they are coping (if they are), find out what sort of marketing tips and tricks they have been using, and, hopefully, encourage people to visit as soon as they possibly can! First up, Puente Romano Beach Resort in Marbella, Spain.Continue reading “Hospitality in Crisis!”